In order to register your software you will need a Software ID code that is generated by the authorization software (This is done directly by the SpectraFoo application/plug-in for SpectraFoo and is done by the authorizer application for ChannelStrip and ChannelStrip|SP). The Software ID is a 12 character code that is generated AFTER you have installed your software. It is not the 8 character serial-number provided on your license certificate.

There are two approaches to providing your registration information:

  1. For ChannelStrip only, You may use the "Copy For Email" button in the authorization dialog presented by the Authorizer application to copy your registration information to the clipboard.You can use our "Copy For Email" form to paste your registration information into one field. If you do not access the internet from the same machine that you use to run the software, you can paste the information into a file and transfer it to your internet machine. Alternatively, you may use method #2 below.
  2. For SpectraFoo and for customers that have difficulties transferring registration information to their internet machines: You may manually enter your registration information into the form below.

If this is the first time you are registering this software, you will be provided with your authorization code immediately via email. If there are any problems, or if this is a re-authorization of the software, you will be contacted by Metric Halo customer service via email or telephone, usually within one working day. In any case, you will receive a status email to let you know about the current status of your registration.

In order to properly support you in the use of your Metric Halo software, we need to ask you for your contact information. We do not share this information with other organizations.

Fields Labeled in BOLD are required for proper processing of your authorization.

You may fill in the Customer ID field if you know your Customer ID. You would have this information if you have registered online before or if you purchased your software directly from Metric Halo.

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip/Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Please include country code!

Support Password
OS Version:
DAW and Version:
Dealer Name:
Software ID:
Customer ID (if known):

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